4Dimension Dino-Alien ------- An adorable pet to help you time traveling

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOUlHaPqwR4  ( video that recorded when I'm drawing )

Like its name," 4 Dimension dino/Chic ", is a creature that can travel through time and space.

This dino or chic like creature has thin skins that cover its black muscles inside its body. You can see the black muscles from some part of the transparent skin.



4 Dimension Dino/Chic is an intelligent creature, It can control the "eye" muscle to express emotion to humans being. It can repeat some human language like a parrot.


It loves to eat food with fully stirred such as the hot dog, juices and toilet paper ( stirred from the tree fiber ).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbPzn1W7Vpk&t=4s  ( video that recorded when I'm drawing, Sorry, I don't know how  it won't show out at this post. )

4 Dimension Dino/Chic can be a wonderful alien pet to help with traveling through time and space. I can't wait to go back to the Jurassic world and see some real-life dinosaur with my own eyes!!

some hand-drawn sketch : 

About myself :

My name is Tew Jin Yee , aka LuciferYee0102

I love to draw a monster, creature, and animals

u can find more art at 

my facebook page: LuciferYee0102 Creature Design 


and my Instagram: LuciferYee0102


I hope I can win the contest, 

stanwinston art school has everything I want to learn for creating awesome alien, monster, and creature.

I WANT TO LEARN MORE !!! I love to create them, i won't let u down.

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