Predator pieces

Hey guys, my name is Aaron Lee. I’m a freak that lives in s.f. ca that loves making shit and being creative. So the first pictures are of my own predator design I cut out of wood and added spray insulation foam “the stuff” on top then spray painted/ airbrush all the coloring and shading. I used foam tubing for the dreads. I’m still working on the two but almost done with the large predator head. So for the second piece is my own original design inspired by the bad blood” predator series from dark horse comics. This is still the early stages of the piece. I’m planning on cutting the whole thing out with a jig saw and then painting it with acrylic and airbrushing. I hope you guys enjoy it, these pieces have been super fun to work on! 

My instagram = colossalsquid 
you can see my process of these pieces from beginning to the current stage.Also all my other random art projects! 

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