// "Devillian" universe creatures //

edited September 2018 in Alien Art Contest 2018
Hi! I'm so glad to participate in " ALIEN ART CONTEST '' :)
I'ts my alien creatures from unknown universe for humanity (small intro). This is princess with her brave warrior and they two decided to walk through dangerous path and save their native tribe, that from ancient times was called '/Devillians /. They should walk through / desert of evil stones / and there is hiding the secret of their heaven saving ...
I think that with small story it will look more interesting ( but i'm not so good storyteller ) hope you like it \ (  ^ ^ ) / ;)
For this contest I've tryed to create something ugly & beautiful ...why ugly creatures can't be beatiful at the same time?! It's weird, but anyway it was interesting for me try to create something like this !
Thanks for attention !
Дякую за увагу !
//Sorry for my English ... I'm from Ukraine... /// ( - _ -  )'

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