Henrietta-Faye McRemington (or "Fashion Victim").

edited September 2018 in Alien Art Contest 2018
Henrietta-Faye McRemington (or "Fashion Victim")
by Ramon Salas
//Photoshop & Intuos4L

>> Sweet Henrietta loved her morning walks through the field. The sights, the sounds, the morning chill against her blue skin and the thrill of the Blaathodeans chase: Those annoying creatures kept coming back, trespassing on her property... Well, at least they make for terrific hats!!!<<

LOL!  :D Hi everyone! "Henrietta" started as a fun Day 16 concept inside a past Inktober... And evolved nicely, I think. Here is the original Inktober piece.

Since the beginning I loved the concept. So, I flipped the original inks and started turning them into a full illustration. Here, you can see a couple of steps of the value study.

Starting the color, I added the tone variation in the back, head and limbs of the Blaathodean (Cockroaches belong to the order 'Blattodea'  :D). Also, the alien lady got her blue and green skin.
It was time to work on the sky. I quickly stitched together two photos I had taken in my way to work, and used them as reference for cloud shaping and placement.

I learned the technique of making grass in the fine channel of Michael James Smith. Take a look at his fantastic paintings when you have the chance.

So, that's all for sweet, sweet Henrietta-Faye McRemington and her fancy hat :D . Hope you all enjoy!

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