Subjekt 691/ A009

- Log Dr. Wilson / Date 06.10.2236
Landed as planned in equatorial belt of the moon Z0G/3569 .
The air is breathable, reminds to a volcanic island on the earth.
The gravitation is lower than expected. We will adapt our suits. Started build up the camp.

- Log Dr. Wilson / Date 12.10.2236
Today we saw the first complex life forms. A sort of jellyfish combined with a crab, floating like a mosquito!?
I wanted to get a closer look, but Corporal Ried stopped me. Nevertheless I was able shot a nice picture for you,
Nobel Price here I come!.

Based on our scans here is a full turnaround of that creature:

- Log Dr. Wilson / Date 18.10.2236
An accident happend!
Dr. Drake went away from the group and got lost in an area of these flying jellyfishes.
Attracted by his body heat, they rushed at him and sucked him dry.  
Apparently they reproduce themselves from eggs located in their heads.
It was disgusting and horrific!

Corporal Ried doubled the guards.

- Log Dr. Wilson / Date 30.10.2236
"Warning, data corruption"

Hel" me!

E[eryo+e is de#d! T]ere "as a massive att$ck. The Jell#fish creatures where e(verywhere. I'm so scared. I'm "iding myself in!ide a small cave.

Oh my god, please help me!!!!

- Log Dr. Wilson / Date 31.10.2236

 --- Signal lost  --- 


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