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Thank you for accepting my entry into the Alien Contest.

This concept literally came to me in a dream one night.  This creature appeared in a dream about 4 inches from my face, staring right at me.  I wasn't frightened but instead had an overwhelming sense of calm and immediately woke up and drew the initial colored pencil drawing.  I've tweaked the drawing a couple times since and did multiple up-do's in Photoshop since.  Here's a the current incarnation created for this contest. 

Part aquatic, part humanoid but with distorted human features.  The design could be adjusted to be a mask that fits over a head but the intent being to put the features right on the cusp of human proportions and features to create an unsettling but familiar feeling when viewed.  So the back of the head is pressed in and distorted and obviously too thin for a human anatomy to fit.  Top back of the head is extended up and back to make it apparent a person couldn't really fit inside.  the back of the neck and lower back skull would have to be missing to fit when viewed from the back or profile.

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