Hey everyone. Great work so far, your masks look great and all of us at SWSCA are excited to see the finished product.

Please post your finished mask in this discussion. Most of you want to get done before Halloween but we will make the deadline to post your pictures: November 7, 2014

These pictures are the ones that Tim would use to create his final critique.


  • Unfortunately I will not be submitting a final piece... My Iwata had some issues with painting with RC... Tried fixing the paint work by hand with some stuff I mixed up and it ate through parts of the latex... It was so horrendous I just threw it in the trash. Not putting my name on that one lol. I did order the parts necessary to modify my airbrush to make it suitable for painting the next one. Also my mask was so huge 5 gallons didn't even fill the mold so I had to brush it up, which left me with some thin spots. I was hoping to get the first pull at least painted decently for a submission. Not enough time. Thanks again Tim for the class! I did post photos in this thread right before I started working on paint. Pretty happy with how the mask turned out before it got ruined so, all in all it was a good learning experience :smile:  
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    Hi All! 

    Its deadline time!
    Here is the finished mask - totally wearable for various head sizes, this is painted pull 2 of 3.

    I had some major mold lock issues, bent a hearty screwdriver getting that apart, but patched that mold up, ran some pulls and learned some lessons. May have been a bit heavy handed with my gloss sealers on this pull, but as an unintentional side affect it is now water submersible  ;)

    Looking forward to taking all these lessons learned from Tim's class to my next mask.Thanks all to Tim Martin, Teresa, Matt Winston and all the hard workin crew over there at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts! 

    Here is some puss sacs and such on the right side:

    Working on a 3rd pull, will not be glossing it up as much:

    Derp! Thanks for looking all

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