Xephyr Zian

edited September 2018 in Alien Art Contest 2018

My name is Cheyenne Rain, and I made the costume for a character named Xephyr Zian, for a larp event in the UK (https://www.markedlarp.com/). Xephyr is not exactly a makeup, more like a suit and a face character inspired by superhero cartoons of the late 90s and early 2000s. I created this costume from scratch using scales I sculpted and cast in latex individually, which I then laid onto a morph suit and attached one by one. I then painted it and added bioluminescent spots and color-shifting pigments. I have no work space at this time, and so this was all done on my bedroom floor. Xephyr Zian was a student at a superhero school- and also a human/fish alien hybrid. The suit had to be extremely durable as well as quick and easy to put on, as it was worn at least 8 hours per day during a very active weekend-long event.

You can see me "fighting" in the suit for the first 40 seconds of this footage test: https://youtu.be/YgAsV3VWLKE

(please excuse this one photo being lesser quality- it was a screengrab of the footage from the event)

Thank you for your consideration.
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