Hi all,

Here we have Quackers. An extraterrestrial from an ultra hot, mostly aquatic planet. The only way he and his fellow species survive is by living on the dark side of their non-rotational planet. Despite living their entire lives in darkness, predators only see light colored objects, so his skin is jet black to camouflage against equally dark environs.

Communication happens more through his sinus cavities than his mouth. To augment communication his race evolved a form of bio-phosphorescence through their vegetarian diet. Without the use of UV light we would never see the intricate patterns of dots that they use in an mood changing set of patterns. He is a noble shaman as we can see from the patterns he's allowed to create to differentiate him in his society.

Quackers was sculpted entirely in Sculptris, then prepped and 3D printed using black PLA. From there a light resin was applied, with acrylic UV paints. Size is 9" tall, 7" wide, 5" deep.

Thank you for looking!

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