Mold Completed, repaired post issues, first latex pulls

Hello All, 

I completed the mold, though had a very rough time this round due to my own avoidable mistakes on the mold process, I do have  working pulls towards a finished product. It requires some patching each round, not ideal but I have learned a lot on this mask effort for the next project.

I started my first pull with a front half only, to see what we are dealing with post major mold issues.
I poly foam filled it, it may become my paint scheme master, or fun wall mount thing at the least.

Arrrgh! Should be fun to paint up! 

Below is a raw, not yet trimmed mask pull using Black Latex (have a lot in stock) and that foam filled front half in natural latex color:


  • Looking good, Ryan, excited to see what happens in class tomarrow
  • great work!, can't wait to take this class. Is it difficult for a beginner?
  • Thanks all! 
    I will post up the final painted up soon, made 3 full mask pulls, working on version 2 paint up tonight. 

    Thanks Carolyn, I would highly recommend this course! When SWSCA posts the final edited DVD of Tim's instruction, certainly check it out! I think designing and making masks is a ton of fun, and with its requirements of design, sculpting, mold making and painting as part of the process its teaches so many absolute core fundamentals of FX work. I learn so much on each mask or attempt.  

  • Ryan,
      Congrats man, can't wait to see some painted pics!!!
  • I think your sculpt is great, you know now what you need to improve your molds, practice makes perfect man. Lets see the finished thing!
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