Mask Head Stand?

Hello everyone!
I'm working on a burlap sack mask for Halloween and to make it easier to work on, I wanted to put together a stand I can put it on! I've seen the cheap styrofoam heads that most craft stores sell, but I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for better ones (I'm not a huge fan of styrofoam)?
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this a help out! :smile: 


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    Hey Joshua,

    One option would be something like the "Joe Display Head" from CFX Masks:

    They have a few different head forms that are used for displaying silicone masks and a couple (more expensive) that are designed as a sculpting armature.

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    This helps a lot! Thanks so much Chris! :smiley: 
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    I have 3 of the CFX Sculpting Armatures, and I will praise them up and down. A bit more in cost that the display form, but they are super durable. They can take a serious beating. I just had a major mold lock situation with 50 lbs of WED and 50 LBS of plaster on that - resolved via a hammer, enough push and pull that it bent a decent screwdriver being used as a pry tool - the armature took that like a champ. 

    I have had lesser, rigid foam based armatures snap at the neck line on me during a bad mold situation. 

    Perhaps its time for me to improve my 2 part stone mold making skills, but if your like me and learn the hard way, the CFX Sculpting Joe Armature form will become your best buddy ;)

    best of luck!
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    Awesome, thanks for that Ryan!  

    I'll have to pick up one of their armatures.  I have one of their large Joe Display heads that came with a silicone mask I got from them a few years ago and it's pretty nice.  It's just a thin (very thin) coat of plastic with a foam backing, so it's not super durable, but much more solid than a styrofoam wig head.   As for polishing your stone mold skills (I need to do the same), you've come to the right place! ;)  

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    Hey thanks Ryan!
    I was kind of worried on how durable they would be, but you've confirmed my suspicions! Hopefully I can get one soon!  :smiley: 
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