Hi, I'm fell, new to this hobby/art. I examined most effects that have interested me for most of my life ( I turned 50 last week) as a practical effects fan,and now I'm really wanting to spend a lot of my freetime learning sculpture from what I've gleaned in my last few months of research, a good starting point. I've gotten the clay I need, head armature. most common noob tools, but I'm wondering if I should start on one of the maquette classes here instead of diving into a full stage project like a positive for a latex max class? I guess the people I'm reaching out to here have tried both ways, and could tell me an optimal path for both fun and learning in a proven, logical way to progression here. Thanks~ JP


  • Welcome JP :-)

    Great you want to learn and spend time in sculpting  ;)

    In my opinion, it makes most sense, to learn the anatomical basics of a human face and body. Because: Once you have learned it, you are able to use that knowledge for any stylized creature you want to create and make it believable, because the human brain identifies things like proportions, wrinkles, distances etc. etc.

    Maybe it could ne frustrating, if you are able to sculpt a creature maquette but the face looks so unbelievable goofy just because the distances and proportions are wrong. (That happened to me at the beginnings and i was frustrated many times... i noticed, that something was wrong, but i had no idea what it was xDD)

    I highly recommend the Jordu Schell Class for beginners just to have a fundamental basic knowledge:

    Dont forget: Its just my opinion- others could have another :-)

    Here at the SWSCA are many very great lessons with unbelievable artists- poke around, have fun and be creative :-)

    Have a good time JP



  • Thanks! Bookmarked it.
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