BOTCH the Steampunk Space Frog

Thanks for looking, I'm 21 and have been sculpting for about five years. This was a concept retro space invader I sculpted for a live event demo, because I needed to expand my repertoire with some original pieces.

I call him Botch, thanks to a few near disasters along the way... One of which was losing two fingertips on the table saw, OUCH! The costume was also made by me, using cheap curtains and plenty of bits 'n' bobs from the greeblies box.

I used lots of reference from the old Mercury space suits, plus some steampunk influences. The head is fibreglass, sculpted over a lifecast and finished off with one resin eye and one machined cyborg eye (SEE LAST PHOTO). Painted with acrylic and spray paints. If I were doing it again, I'd try it in silicone and see if the eyes could be linked up with some basic cables (I'm still new to servos, though I've bought your DVD in an effort to learn more!)

Hope you like, this was just a bit of fun and I hope others can enjoy it as well...


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