FX_Canvas/ Alien from my Bachelor's Diploma work

Hi everyone!

The following work was a part of my Bachelor Graduation in Fine Arts last year.
It's really nice to share this with you here, I hope you can enjoy it! 

The "alien" was kind of the highlight of an installation that I made, called "FX_Canvas". For this graduation work I wanted to build a specific piece which reflected my interests during the last years. I decided to come up with a life-size diorama in which I built some stage elements and reduced the floor and background elements through a green screen fabric. This would allow the viewer to create/ complete his "own" environment within the installation. Also I wanted to leave it open to the viewer, wether the scene was set on an extraterrestrial planet or somewhere near an ocean. But all in all, the creature remains alien.

I am gonna show you some parts of the making and the finished work.

Full view of the installation. 

All in all I spent about a month to build everything, luckily I  also had some help and advise from friends and teachers.
It was a crazy, fun, wild, messy process that I will never forget. Sometimes I worked till 4am and was all alone at school,
and even the night guards came to visit me and talk about the project. I'm glad it all worked out in the end and say thanks again for all the support. If you have any questions you can find me on instagram.

Manuel Guldimann from Basel, Switzerland


  • Really a cool thing you made! Love the colors and textures. It would be soooo cool as a creature suit!
  • Thank you very much! Yeah that would be a nice project! Maybe I'm gonna make something like that in the future :)
  • Incredible! I love the colors and the body position you chose. It is difficult to get the articulation to look organic, but you do it flawlessly. A very cool looking creature. Makes it even better that you made it so large, too. Amazing job!
  • Thank you Hannah, that's very nice! I can only give that back, your alien make up turned out fantastic! Especially the tongue is such a nice detail! It looks so realistic and is totally gross! A good concept that I've never seen before!
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