"Nice Boobs" "Bedroom Eyes" and "Oh, She Clingy"

Hey guys!  Just a quick description of what I'm trying to do; I mash-up Slimey, aquatic, insectoid, etc. features with cliche female body language (borrowed from tv and magazine advertisements) to make my Alien ladies.  I try to see how repulsive I can get and still read as obviously sexual.  I typically name them with sexist colloquial phrases which I think adds a touch of humor.  I experiment regularly with sculptural techniques as a hobby and eventually hope to bring my characters into 3d.
Thanks for looking!

"Nice Boobs" 2'x4' Oil paints on Linen

"Bedroom Eyes" 2'x4' Oil paints on linen

"Oh, She Clingy" 12"x12" Acrylic paint on panel.

Jackie Gallagher
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