Final Sculpt - Shock Monster - PreMold making

Hi All, 

Needed to post final, here is the sculpt finished right before molding!

"Arrrrgh - mold me already!~!~"

for scale - its a big noggin


  • beautiful work Ryan!!!! love the forms
  • Thanks Collier, 

    Some bad news though - just got to molding it Friday late night, things were not going well with my vertical attempt. It was starting to crack in a scary way after I moved it so I did a vertical wall with keys, etc. 

    I usually tend to lean a sculpt on its back, build up wood around it then build a nice clay wall, but this round tried my hand at a vertical wall due to the back no doubt not being structurally sound to handle pressure on it in its somewhat dried and damaged state. 

    Was not as tight as it needed to be, just a mess. I always seem to mess up my mask molds when I try to do them vertically, while the sculpt is upright!

    Now I got a nasty case of the mold locks. Not sure if its going to budge, will sand it down some more and continue to try in the morning. As a plan B: I have more than enough material to do a quick Sculpt Sat, then try to mold Sunday - should give me time for a pull or two before Tuesday. Got 10 gallons of black latex in! 

    I have 3 hard resin head forms, 2 of the 3 now in use but will get cracking on a 2.0 here tomorrow if I destroy or simply can not budge this current mold. 

    I got some work to do! 
    Hows your mask coming along man, you mentioned your mold is awesome and are running some pulls now?

    Best of luck! 

  • Ryan,
         Congrats, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from SWSCA. I look forward to seeing the finished painted mask.
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