Close to finished sculpt

Hello everyone,

Wanted to share more picture of the sculpt now that it is nearly finished.  Added more detail, secondary forms and lots of scarring.  tried to have a combination of hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars. also sculpted in eyes, since I had no eye forms on hand that would fit, and I also wanted to challenge myself a bit. Was a lot of fun to sculpt and can't wait to finish the piece. But I am more excited to see everybody's finished masks.  Thanks and have a good evening everyone.


  • Hi Collier looking really nice man. some really nice forms going on. cant wait to see the finished result.

  • Hey Ashley, thanks a lot! I too can't wait to see it finished

  • Hey Collier! 

    Your sculpt looked awesome man, how did your mold turn out? 
    I am molding mine tomorrow I think, allowing some time to do a couple pulls before the next class which is painting. If mine turns up too big I will poly foam it up a bit, but looking forward to getting past the mold making aspect. 

  • The mold came out great!! Casting the first pull as we speak and might do another. Can't wait to see yours Ryan!!
  • Collier,
             My only real critical opinion is the you can put the feel of more tension in the streched skin part of your sculpt, paint looks great so, Congrats you will receive a Certificate of Completion from SWSCA. I really enjoyed seeing you progress as we created our make together. Thank you very much
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