Cyborgy half mask- Focused *OC227*

Heyho :-)

I want to share a personal project with you.

A few decades ago, i decided to make a half mask in a mutated humanoid- cyborgy style. 

A few weeks off, a few hours on, over 7 months i kept the WED clay sculpture alive until i decided that it is finished  :D

After i did a silicone/ plasterbandage mold, i realized, that there were some harsh asymmetries,... well,..
of course i did not have seen them while controlling the shapes before sealing  :D:D:D
(Lesson learned- i will use "calipers"<--? (That double- mirrowed curvy metal armed thing to take measurements and distances) every time before i start doing the mold xD) 

Here is the finished resin bust, over lifesized:

The idea was to make a silicone skin with a resin faceplate, but my silicone didnt cure well for a unknown reason. 

And my 40$ workhorse airbrush started making funny things while doing the veining :D . So i had to do more brush techniques. 

At the end, it was a really great project for me and it did a lot of fun :-)

Thanks for looking :-)




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    Looks awesome!  And congrats on keeping a WED sculpture alive for 7 months!

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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Thank you very much Chris :-)

    I love WED Clay,.. i think WED is able to be keep alive over,.. hmm maybe 1,5 years? Or longer?  :D
    A few sprays with water every 4-5 days, a damp cotton cloth layed over and plastic-bagged.
    I think its important to let fresh air to it every 2 weeks for a few hours and take a new cloth, to prevent mold.
    WED is great <3


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