WIP Predator 1:1 Scale Bust with animatronic shoulder cannon

Hey Everyone,

So about 4 years ago when I first started doing fx stuff some buddies and I wanted to do an Aliens vs Predator fan film. I didn't how to make anything back then except for kit bashed prop stuff so I purchased a an unpainted foam latex head and bio helmet off ebay. I ended up building a throwing disk and shoulder cannon but we ended up losing the location to film and the project never went a farther than that. 
 Fast forward till last week. The Predator head and all the kit bashed weapons have been sitting in a closet to I decided to turn them into a 1:1 scale bust with a servo controlled shoulder cannon. 

Yesterday I attached the grill for the eye pieces along with some of the dreads I made out of backer rod from home depot. I tested out some beads using cut pieces of pvc but they're pretty plain so I'll probably re-do them.
 Originally I was going to have the servos run off an arduino board using a wii chuck but had an issue drawing too much power from the board so I decided to use an rc car receiver/transmitter to control them.

The real tough part of this build is constructing the shoulder armor cannon housing. The cannon was one of the first things I ever built and was kit bashed from stuff at home depot.It's been sitting in one of my display cases for a couple years and is falling apart so I'll probably have to reconstruct it.

Hopefully at the end of this build I'll have a 1:1 scale bust with an rc controlled shoulder cannon and be able to trigger sounds from the transmitter using a board from ada fruit. 

I'll try an update this as much as possible. 


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    Looks amazing. Always wanted to make something like this. It looks just like the real thing and to think, this is what they would have been doing back in the 80's to make this all come to life.

    How did you do the helmet? Did you buy the helmet from eBay and then paint it all up and add the hair?

    Amazing work, keep it up.
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    Very cool!

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    Very well done.
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