Airbrush paint thinner

new to the airbrush scene, i have just finished watching this tutorial and was wondering about the airbrush cleaner being used to thin the paint.   a few years back when i bought my airbrush(iwata eclipse cs) i also bought a kit of createx primary set color.  Sadly in a move i lost the thinner bottle i had with the set and now can`t remember what the name of it was. 

Can the cleaner be used as a thinner without trouble or should i find some other kind of medium to dilute the createx paint i have still on hand?


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    Paint thinners/reducers are often very specific to an individual brand of paint, as the type of solvents, pigments, binders, and other chemicals can very greatly between brands.  I would suggest using the Createx thinner with their paints.  

    Right now I'm using Tim Gore's "Blood Line" paints which are also Createx, and I only use their thinner (and sometimes a bit of 99% isopropyl alcohol) with them.

    I'm not sure if the cleaner can be used as a thinner (maybe someone else can chime in) but I would stick to their thinner/reducer to be safe.

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    oups, i just noticed my post was put into the general tab...   The tutorial i was referring to is:   "Airbrush FX: Beginning to Advanced with Craig Fraser"

    The only thing i saw M. Fraser use was the bottle of airbrush cleaner from createx.  I'll ask Createx directly and report the finding when it comes in.

    Thank you Chris for the quick reply and information

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