Mouldlife Creature Foam

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a problem I’ve been having running Creature Foam from Mouldlife. I’m using a standard run;
150g base
30g curing
15g foaming
14g gelling
I’m whipping for about 7 mins, refining for about 4, ultra-refining for about 5, then adding gelling agent, but then it gels within 45 secs and I get this:
it also gels inconsistently, so some of it is solid immediately, but some is still completely un-gelled 30mins later.
This has happened three times in a row, the third time with a brand new kit. However, this never happened before with the older kit. I’ve tried dropping the gelling agent, shortening the run and upping the foaming agent, wich gave me maybe 90 secs instead of 45, but this is still not enough to work with.
I’m just interested if anyone had a similar experience, and how you dealt with it.


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    Hello, what happens to you may be for several reasons.
    1 The temperature of the room where you work is too high and this causes the foam gels faster
    2 The humidity is high and this also causes the gels foam faster
    3 The previous two make the gels faster
    4 Your mixing, refining and ultra refined times are very long and you should reduce them by 1 minute or so, I suggest that the ultra refined do not take time out

    I also suggest you work in a room with humidity and controlled temperature and you should have an environmental thermometer with a relative humidity percentage meter at hand so you know how it behaves in different climates.
    This was originally written in Spanish, I'm from Mexico I hope it helps, good luck, the foam is capricious hahaha.
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    Thanks for the advice, I don’t really have access to any environmental control but I’ll try out everything else.
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    I’ve managed to give myself enough time to fill all my moulds by shortening the run to 11.5 mins and dropping the gelling agent to 4g. First I tried 12, then 8, but it still gelled too fast. 4 gave me enough time but it was still very tight, so next time I’ll probably use even less.
    I’d still be interested in other peoples experiences with this product.
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    Well, I have no tips but I m happy to read this. I was thinking of buying some of their foam system

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