epoxy mold -overflow -encapsulated silicone

Hi Everyone!

My question is where get I wrong at these steps, cause every time I have a silicone overflow. So this is how I made:
I have epoxy mold, I sprayed bald cap at the both sides, after it I putted together and filled it with silicone up. After it cured I open it, and release it with powder and I can see at some part of it that it is overflowed. And the problem with this is that the silicone is at the cutting edge and can't remove the edges nicely like at regular with bald cap. So the main question is, what's the solution for my prob and where do I get wrong with this whole process.


  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann Oberhausen NRW Germany ✭✭✭✭
    Hey Franciska,

    do you have any photos? The questions are: How thick is the wall of the mold? How much pressure are you giving to which points at the mold? How clean and fitted is the mold at the edges?

    Because epoxy is a durable resin, it might happen, that the edges between two mold straps are having to much tension, so that they bend up und create a gap between the molds.
    If the mold fits together perfectly without  any gaps when it is empty, you will make sure, that you give the pressure from the middle of the mold straight out to the edges to press out the silicone overflow. And after that you might take down the pressure and put somethig not to havy on top of the mold, just to hold the mold closed- without pointed pressure. 

    Maybe you want to test that and maybe it helps.

    Dont give up. Such experiences are the daily bread of us, hihi. Be happy about them, they are making us better in what we are doing ;-)



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