Octaman Replica Mask

I am a HUGE fan of Rick Baker, and I kept seeing other artists recreate his work so I thought "let me try!". So here is my Octaman mask originally designed by Rick Baker in 1971 for his first film. I made this for less than 100 bucks so I'm sorry if its not 100% accurate.  

I first created a basic form out of upholstery foam and hot glue, from there I used Great Stuff insolation foam to help fill the gaps and make the top of the head more "squid like". I then shaved the foam down to get the shape back and began adding latex and cotton for the skin (this took about half a gallon of latex and a full bag of cotton). After the mask dried I painted it with a mixture of latex and acrylic paint, I know it isn't the best option but its all I could afford. The eyes are ping pong balls cut in half and painted with standard acrylic paint, I used hot glue and 5 min epoxy for the teeth as well as 5 min epoxy on the eyes for that creepy glossy finish. If you have any questions message me on instagram @carlosgomezfx

Here is the basic form in upholstery foam, I used sharpie lines as a guide for the final design. 

This is the mask with Great Stuff Insolation Foam fully cured and some what carved. 
Here I began texturing the foam with liquid latex and cotton, this took me way to long but this could definitely be done in a day a and a half.  

This image is a mess I had finished texturing the mask and began painting but I then realized I forgot the veins of the original. UGH... So my paint job was destroyed in order to add latex covered strings of cotton. 

FINALLY! This is starting to look decent : ) I repainted the mask and painted the eyes at this point I was starting to feel good about my project. Then another realization hit me... I had no teeth. 

TA-DA FINISHED OCTAMAN MASK!!!! (Sorry for the direct lighting) Tell me what you think, and if you read far enough let me know on Instagram and I'll follow you. 


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