Silicone or Latex mask , Film industry standard

I am learning airbrush painting techniques for wearable costume mask for film/tv. My question, is so I don’t waste “time or money” on things that are not what the industry wants/needs/or uses, which is more industry standard, silicone or latex? I want to purchase paints and other products needed to paint however I’m not exactly sure which direction to go in. I’ve watched videos on Stan Winston and it seems like Silicone is the way to go? Hope this makes sense as I’m teaching myself while learning on here...
Thanks so much


  • Hi Rae,

    Silicone is very popular these days due to its translucency and plasticity, but foam latex is still widely used.  I would focus on both, since knowing one and not the other would be problematic.  Each material relies on different painting techniques, and all of those techniques have principles that apply to other materials.   Foam latex may be easier and less expensive to start with.

  • Chris thank you for always taking time to answer my questions! You’re da bomb!
  • Always a pleasure! :smile:

  • Thanks so much for always answering right away!
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