smoothing monster clay

hey guys. whats the best way to smooth out monsterclay? or techniques they use. 


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    edited July 2018
    For light smoothing I use 99% isopropyl alcohol and a chip brush.  If you want a bit heavier smoothing you can trim the chip brush down to have shorter (firmer) bristles.

    For heavier smoothing you can use a solvent like Naphthalene, Mineral spirits, lighter fluid, paint thinner, etc.

    I try and avoid the harsher solvents since they work by breaking down the oil in the clay, which can degrade it a bit.   But when I do use them I try and use as little as possible.

    I also use a creme brulee torch to flame polish/smooth surfaces, which works really well.

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    Thanks for the reply chris helpful as always. will have to get a chip brush and a little blow torch. i have a heat gun but i find its got too wide a spread sometimes. 

    thanks again. 
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    On extra tip.  If you are doing flame polishing (which I love) make sure you have a can of air duster handy.  You can hold it upside down to spray the liquified contents (compressed difluoroethane) onto the clay to firm it back up instantly so you don't have to wait ages.   And if you can, find an air duster that does not contain the bitterant, which they add to discourage kids from killing brain cells.  That bitterant gets on the clay, then on your hands, and on everything you touch.  Next time you grab a drink or some food you'll end up with a nasty taste in your mouth.  It's really hard to find versions that don't have the bitterant, but there are some out there!

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