Workshop Students Pumpkins

Workshop students please post the pictures of your pumpkins here. You are more than welcome to post work in progress photos and ask questions for Andy to help you finish.



  • Hi I'm planning on doing some carving this week so hopefully will have some pics soon. 
  • I've started carving. I decided to have a go at Pumpkinhead too.  So here are a few work in progress shots from tonight.  I'm carving it over two evenings so should finish tomorrow. So far I'm about 75% happy with what I've done. My basic shapes and forms could be a lot better and I'm going to have to carve all the top teeth separately as I got carried away scooping out the mouth, doh! Also he's looking more jolly than evil at the moment! Any advice/criticism much appreciated :)

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    Night two of carving: luckily the weather here is cold and wet so my pumpkin was fine after it's night in a plastic bag wrapped in wet paper towels. Added a chin and detail tonight but still have a way to go. The chin and some adjustments to the mouth have made him look a buy more evil hopefully? I think I'm a bit more optimistic of it being a success than I was last night. Hopefully will finish tomorrow night. I think I've been lucky in the pumpkin I chose, it's a thick one. Looking now at my carving I think i've been a bit heavy handed with some of the wrinkles.ere are some pics
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    I finished my pumpkin! I would say I'm 90% happy with how it turned out. I definately learned loads carving this pumpkin and watching and listening to Andy. I made several mistakes but think I managed to bounce back from them.  I'll be carving at least one more pumpkin next week. 
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  • Great pumpkins Pauline :)
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    Here's my 2nd pumpkin. I think my carving has improved a little but I was a bit disappointed in the expression I achieved, I would try to raise his cheek under the closed eye if I do a similar face again. I've entered my pumpkins into a local contest on Twitter so I'll let you know how I get on :)
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  • this was a tough course... it has been 2 wks so I am finally posting some pix. I have six pumpkins left and will finish them by Halloween tomorrow night! An attempt at 'Critters and Pumpkin head'.n atte
  • Wow, there are some really nice pieces here!  I totally destroyed one pumpkin due to internal anomalies and trying to get the hang of things. 
    I really wish I could have watched Andy do one eyeball with an iris and highlight just to see his technique. 
    My way technique involved a lot of praying and holding of breath. :)

    My interpretation of the Didact from the Halo 4 universe...


    I really enjoyed the class and especially appreciated the camera angles that allowed us to see how Andy uses his tools.
    Thank you to Andy Bergholtz and the production crew.
  • Hey J Lee, great pumpkins, i really like the sandwich one, cool idea.
  • Hi Carolyn, thanks for you kind words.  The pumpkin burger was a lot of fun but caught me off guard with how much time it took. (a day and a morning.)
    I still need to figure out a better way to do lettuce. :)

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