Count Olaf

Hello . i m new here.
 i m working to be an actor. and i want to play count olaf in the highschool play.
 i always liked Jim Carrey s performance, and i m trying to get that look.
  but noone here can help me.
  i would need prostethic nose, and eyebrows, beard, and all facial features. and i checked on the internet. but i would need something realiable. for instance, i saw many types of spirit gums. but some might not work, or can t be trusted. needless to say i don t have much money as i m in senior year. 

 so could anyone please direct me to some reliable, cheap, beginner s products ? 

 i watched alot of videos, and read alot. basically i would need, some wool crep, that i could add on some lyce, dunno what adhesive or lyce or even wool crep as a product. for the nose and eyebrows i heard nose wax is good but tends to heat up if high temeperature. could i get like latex or silicone ? what r the products and prices ? also , i could use latex for ageing . that should work. and i would need a beginner s make up kit. something not so expensive. and maybe a skin tone sheet. and manual for how to get my exact skin tone. 

  sorry for my english. i m from europe. 

thank you 


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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Welcome Lustin :-)

    Great idea to do a Jim Carrey makeup :-)

    Where do you come from?

    Have you done a livecast of your face? (Of course with the  help of a friend- never do that alone ;-))



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    hy. i m from hungary. a live cast ? no . never. 

    i wanned to  know some things. like products brand, what products i need to get that effect .

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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hey :-)

    There is a whole bunch of items you will need.
    It depends on what you are planning to do. 
    If you want to do gelatin prostehic appliances, which you glue in your face each time you need your makeup,
    you will need:
    A cast of your face (how to do- youtube video or classes here at the SWS), chavant nsp modelling clay, sculpting tools, plaster (hardware store), plaster bandages (internet shopping), gelatine (gyógyszertár or discounter), food colour for gelatine (discounter), molding wax or glycerine (internet shopping or discounter), prosaide or smooth on skin tie adhesive for the appliances (internet shopping), baby powder (discounter). Cheap mehron makeup kit  (internet shopping)

    It would help a lot, if you would watch the Prosthetic Makeup Basics class with Rob Burman part one:
    and part two: 

    There you will learn how to do these appliances from a to z.

    I hope that helps.



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