Baking Super Sculpey

I could not find where Casey discussed the baking of the sculpey. Do we bake it on the stand? Can you over bake the sculpey? I mean, if we bake the sculptor as a whole will the thinner parts over cook as we cook the thicker parts like the head and bust?


  • I did not see this:

    I would still like the questions from above to be answered if at all possible. Thank you.

  • hi Chris,

    Yes, you can bake it on the stand if its wood and metal parts only. The baking that was suggested was at a low temperature 225 for a long period of time. Probably an hour or two at most. Make sure you have an extra oven thermometer inside the oven to give you an exact temperature reading, some ovens run hotter then what you set it to on the outside gauge. After the piece is done you will then shut off the oven and let the piece cool down until the piece is cool to the touch. then take it out of the oven.

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