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Hey there!
So I'm a little confused about the certificates of completion/ mastery. Are these given on a per-course basis? Are you automatically "enrolled" when you purchase the course? I suppose I'm just not understanding how this process works. Any input would be appreciated. I know this would be a great way to beef up the resume a bit.

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    Hi Jay,

    There are 2 levels to all of our live courses which you can enroll in by purchasing that course.    "Watch and Chat" is where you get to watch the lesson live and post questions to the instructor via text chat.   Our "Workshop" students enroll at a different level and can video conference with the instructor during the lesson, and are assigned homework that is then reviewed by the instructor.   Our Yearly subscription students have free "Watch and Chat" access to live webcourses, and other subscription levels offer a discount.

    Workshop student homework is reviewed by the instructor at the end of the course and is eligible for one of 2 certificates.  The Certificate of Completion means you have demonstrated a good understanding of the subjects covered in the lesson.  The Certificate of Mastery means you no only have a good understanding of the subject matter but have excelled in it to a point where you might be able to do that work at a professional level.  Both certificates are issued by the instructor, based on their own criteria.

    Hope that helps!

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