Materials List - More Info/Alternatives?

Hi Everyone, loving the videos on here!
I am just getting kitted out with all the tools etc and managed to convert the summer house into a dedicated workshop, so I'm well on the way to continue the practical side of my learning!
The trouble I'm having is that all the material lists on here, I don't seem to be able to find a lot of the items (particularly resins/catalysts etc) on the internet, let alone in the UK....
Is there any chance that they could have part numbers and/or alternatives that could be used? 
I have literally spent hours and seem to be getting nowhere fast.
Thanks for any help given



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    Sorry, perhaps I was a bit vague.
    I'm looking to create an animatronic character, so have been looking at puppet and animatronics videos. Recently I've watched David Monzingo's monster puppets and Bruce Spaulding Fuller's Character make-up as I am looking to create a silicone skin.
    I was looking at these items in particular (from the monster puppet):

    Bondo Resin

    Bondo Resin Catalyst

    Fiber Glass Fiber

    Polyester Mud

    Polyester Resin

    GI245 Silicone Moldmaking Rubber (Catalyst Included)

    Silicone Fluid

    For the bondo resin, is 3M bondo FIBERGLASS RESIN 402 ok?

    For the polyester mud or resin I cant find anything! Or perhaps I dont know if its the right thing I have found?

    I dont know what GI245 silicone is either.

    Please help, Im itching to get going!

    Thanks all

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    Hi Matthew,

    For the bondo resin, that's a bit different than fiberglass resin.   It's intended to build up thickness and smooth out forms, so it is thicker, like an icing. 

    As for the mold making silicone, any mold making silicone should work.  You just want a formula that fits your budget and is the right firmness for your application.

    Sadly I'm not familiar with the brands that are available in the UK so I can't point you to any specific distributors.

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    Thanks Chris,
    I will keep searching.
    Luckily, I've found a Smooth-On distributor here, so I think that might help a bit.
    Would it be possible for SWSCA to add part numbers of materials used on courses? I think it would help everyone out with searching for parts?

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    Smooth-On makes great stuff, so they should have you covered.  You can also describe materials or projects to them and get suggestions as well.

    We try and add part numbers where possible, sometimes we just don't have that information.   But it's something we are keeping our eye on!


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    Im still looking for a good UK alternative to Hydrocal and Ultracal
    I keep hearing teachers in the courses referencing having worked in London and such. Can you maybe please
    do a shout out to your teachers about this? That be great.

    For other materials I have found in the UK:

    for SFX molds and casting:
    for fabrication:

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    Hi Matthew, see if this is any help or I'm barking up the wrong tree;
     bondo isn't easy come by in uk but you can search polyester putty (car body filler) or buy off the shelf Halfords have tins about £15-20. Online loads of brands. I believe you can make a mix by adding the fibre glass resin (polyester) to thin the putty and add chop strand fibres if you need to bulk it out, then add catalyst (mekp i think), this can make a thickish bulk paste which is what I reckon the mud layer is.

    I get my fibre glass from east coast fibre glass (gp resin is cheap and great for mould jackets) http://www.ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk/product/general-purpose-2-8500-polyester-resin-including-catalyst
    they also have some craft materials and stock 'herculite' brand plaster which is as close as we get hydrocal i think? And all the fibre glass matt you'll need, i got the 300grit mat for mould jackets and then surface tissue for final top layer.

    Best of luck on you projects, have fun 😀
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    Thanks guys
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