Stuffy Doll - Monster Making Contest Entry 3

I sculpted the Stuffy Doll using WED clay on an armature. It was then cut at the limbs and molded with Mold Max 30 with a plaster bandage shell. All pieces were cast with Smooth Cast 320 and the body's core was filled with Foam It 5. All pieces were reattached with armature wire and Apoxie Sculpt. Pins were then added, also made form Apoxie Sculpt.  Painted with acrylic inks. Crepe hair was then hand laid with spray glue Super 77. Cotton balls were added with more spray glue for the stuffing. Finally the wooden base was covered with aquarium stones coated with tinted Crystal Clear 200 by Smooth On. 

Original drawing designed by an artist named David Rapoza.

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