Kryolan CINE-WAX ?

Does anyone have any experience using Kryolan CINE-WAX?

I was thinking about giving it a shot. Seems like a fast easy way to do a make up with limited resources.


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    I have not used Krylon's product, but I would imagine it's not that different from nose and scar wax or morticians wax. 

    I've never been a huge fan of working with wax, but I've seen some amazing effects pulled off with it.  It is a great cheap material to get some basic on-skin sculpting/buildup experience, even though it does not behave or shape the same a materials that are more common today like silicone.

    Given the choice I would try something like 3rd Degree silicone, but if that is either not available in your area or too expensive, wax (or even gelatin) is a great inexpensive alternative.  That said, the price of Krylon's product per Oz does not seem like it's a cheaper alternative to silicone.  

    A quick online search shows Cine-Wax in a .35oz container for roughly $12 while a full 2oz kit of 3rd Degree is $24.  (all pre-shipping cost)

    That comes out to a little over $34 an Oz for Cine-Wax and $12 an Oz for 3rd Degree, which is pretty shocking as wax-based products are typically much cheaper than silicone.  That sad, these are just the first results to show up in online shopping searches, so further research could yield better prices on either product... but at first glance it would seem Krylon's product is horribly over-priced.  It's possible it has some unique working properties that make it a valuable material to work with, but being someone who's not a big fan of waxes to start with I'm a bit skeptical. (though I would love to learn more about it and give it a try)  That's just my opinion, and I've not worked with Cine-Wax, so what do I know? ;)

    At the end of the day it's not the material, but what you do with it, and anything that gets you out there making cool stuff is worth a shot!  I suggest trying every material you can get your hands on as long as it does not break the bank.

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    Thank you for the response, and great information. I was not aware of so many reasonably priced alternatives.
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