Hello Students

Please post pictures of your sculpts here. You are more than welcome to post work in progress pictures to update us on what you are doing.



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    Hey Tim! (and thank you Teresa for getting the forum thread online!)

    EDIT (adding pic updates to this post so I don't blast this thread with too much silly stuff)

    Hope your both doing well, first want to say how awesome this is to participate in something with Tim Martin and SWS. Tim's previous courses on SWS are FANTASTIC - really enjoyed his Pharaoh sculpt on "How to Make Props". Awesome, efficient super clean sculpt and super cost effective mold making! One of my favorite courses on the SWS site to be sure.

    About my interest in mask making 
    This topic runs deep for me and I love learning more and more about it. I really have a lot of respect for Arnold Goldman (themonstermakers), the late Joe Lester, Jeff Keim over there at Death Studios (its his 35th year!), Ed Edmunds and of course I am a bit of a shameless though respectful fanboy of Jordu, Miles Teves, Steve Wang - legends! Fav monster design,  "The Creature from the black lagoon" - fav all time Stan Winston Studio creature, easily for me is "The Monster Squad" Creature suit "Gill-Man".  

    On to the Sculpt and class homework progress:
    I am playing with some texture formats but am drying out my sculpt so that I can really begin some wrinkles and additional detail - here is day 2 of fiddling with it some more. If you think this design is lame, I still have time to start on another one (have about 3-4 more 50lb boxes of WED on hand!), please just let me know! I slapped this together starting with Tim during the live taping to see if I can get something built up quickly. I have no sense of pride Tim, any feedback or anything you do not like please let me know and I will hop to it! 

    I was originally trying to go with a larger than life, huge "Shock Monster" but hes looking more and more like an angry ORC like creature. Its a very large sculpt, it will still be large I think post latex shrink, but may be a fun design to paint up. My young daughters think hes a "funny guy", they want to try and scare their friends with him at the least. 

    I have made some recent attempts at mask molds, one got so massive I had to do a 3 part with a key split on the back down the middle - the pieces did lock together pretty decent though! Have some examples that worked out but they are just massive, not efficient molds. Really looking forward to getting some help on that and looking forward to watching Tim, learned a lot from his example and work on this course so far, keep it coming!

    PHOTOS of progress/Homework:
    Just a quick sponge texture jerb before I should have just for taking today's photos - I will keep layering that but will work on wrinkles and more detail tomorrow after the big guy drys out some more. 

    Angry Orc looking shock monster eye....thing: (first day of class trying to move alongside Tim. Tim is awesome, and fast!)

    More textures and get stronger lines/detail here couple days later:

    Working on adding some "puss/abses sacs" on the distorted left side to mix things up- they need some work but here is the rough out. 

    This monster is going to need one HUGE pillow to cry himself to sleep nightly. 
    If its too big I have some expanding poly foam on hand that could pad the top for folks.

    Snagging Tim's advice/idea to give something interesting to look at on the back of the head:

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    EDIT - sorry, Consolidating my progress to one post! 
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    Looks great so far, I'd say refine the bags under the chatacter's Left eye and tighten up the ears a little. Looks like you are ready to hyper detail with pores and such
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    Right on, thanks Tim 

    Roger that regarding ears and left eye, will work it out then go right into the pores, details, etc.  Looking forward to the future classes man, really excited that your teaching this topic. Your sculpt was looking amazing, cant believe how fast you can go, pushes me to try to improve pace and quality for sure. 

    Thanks again for your time!

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