artisan guild forming

I really just want to put out we are in the process of starting an artisan guild in las vegas. I myself am a street performer in the art of comedy/ magic / music/ glass and clay with assorted other skills.

The primary target market is first making all props and displays for the busk and displays in art shows and farmers market's, and branching outward with endless opportunities in booth displays for the never ending consumer shows and specialty shows, not to exclude set set design.

I Myself got lucky at 9/11 seeing the signs as stage shows took a hit here in town, I took an above average job here in valley, and in last 5 years I have stoped even filling in at a shows to just prefect the street preformance with backside retail.

My personal target is 16 months before burning the bridge with company gig and just doing street busk / art shows / ren fairs.

Have complete shop to make anything one can think of and while truck and enclosed trailer is for troupe/guild, I just staying on the job to pay for new 2016 street glide harley davidson for solo busking road trips.

Just want to meet and create a bond with some artisans in vegas.
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