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Hi Guys,

I would like to open this new discussion forum to post some pictures about our sets and get some insights from the Chiodo's. 




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    Hi guys,

    Here I have some pictures of what I got so far. I still need to work on the value of the set, the scale of the props and the space available for the puppet's act. I've been improvising a little bit because of the materials that I have available in Venezuela. So this is why is has taken a little bit longer to progress on the final project...

    I hope I can still get some feedback from you guys 

    1) The Design. Pretty much the same design of Charles

    2) Creating the tree

    3) Some of the Props.

    4) Some planning

    5) After a little painting

    6) Without any light

    I guess I got to work a little bit more on this. I'll keep you post



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    You have the elements, now you have to place them and light them so they don't block up and clutter your scene. Try to separate the pieces, there is no need to have them all on top of each other and don't forget to give yourself room to get in and out to animate your zombie comfortably. Nice work, just fine tune it now. Charlie
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    Thanks Charles!!! I've been rearranging everything. I made some other props with a different scale and changed the painting. I guess I'm going to be working on the lighting's set tomorrow.
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    Hello Here is some pictures of my set during the process. I had some problems with my phone where I keep all the pictures. but here they are.

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    Stellan, very nice set pieces and arrangement. Ground texture, grass monds and some dried or plastic foliage will help break up your surface. If you want some simple foreground silhouettes you can use flat cutouts of styrene plastic painted black with maybe a touch of a soft highlight. Great work.

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