Original Shin Godzilla Bust Sculpture (2nd Entry)

Hello, Marc again. 
 This is one of my oldest sculptures to still survive, I believe I started making this guy around mid 2015 and took a few months to make over the span of free weekends. Modeled After Toho's 2016 Godzilla, this is sculpted out of beige Super Sculpy with an aluminium foil armature. Painted with acrylics and standing at 9 inches, I present Godzilla:

Recently this guy had fallen off the shelf, luckly it was easily fixed by super glue, some epoxy, and a new layer of paintThe base which Godzilla is on was originally going to be covered with (SPOILERS) the Godzilla humanoids which where shown at the end. Yet I decided that it would work better as a display piece if it Had "Godzilla" witten in grey Japanese text, like that of the opening scene.Hoped You all enjoyed this guy. And Good luck to all other contestants!
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