Monster Making Contest, Entry 1- Gluttony

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Hi everyone! 
Here is the first monster I've created for the contest, Gluttony, finally done, just in time! Sculpted in air hardening clay, airbrushed and hand painted. Approximately 21 inches long, 16 inches tall.

The idea was to make a dangerous and agressive looking creature that inspires an insatiable and voracious hunger. Many mouths are yelling, trying to bite and chew their prey, as the monster rushes.
The idea of calling it Gluttony came when I was sculpting it. I told myself that this creature would be a pretty good representation of this sin, so I decided to make a future serie of different sculptures, one creature for each of the 7 capital sins.
I managed to finish two sculptures for the contest, it was a tough task, because of the unplanned work, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Luxury is the second one, which will be my second entry. 
Hope you will like my creations.

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