Monster Making Contest - Submission 1 of 3 - Supreme Leader Snoke

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Hello all!  I'm new here!  I'm a self taught solo independent guy, making sculpts out of my apartment.  I timelapse my work and post them to my youtube channel, LoreCraft.  I have a few sculpts to enter here (never entered any contests before, so this is my first!).  I started sculpting about a year ago (everything I've ever made is up on my channel, so you can see the progress, and an occasional failure/falter).   All my work is hand sculpted, using nylon reinforced, water based, air drying clay. 
   Submission 1 - Supreme Leader Snoke.
       Completely hand sculpted original (no moulding or casting) - You can watch the video of me making him here:


More photos are available for viewing on his gallery page on my website: https://www.lore-craft.com/snoke-star-wars  

  About the sculpture:
    He has a core of styrofoam, paper, and plastic bubble wrap, to keep him lighter.  His primary construction material is water based, nylon reinforced, air drying clay.  The teeth are plaster that I sealed in a UV resin for gloss and protective purposes.  His eyes are glass, and he's painted with acrylic Vallejo airbrush paints.   I used multiple techniques to get the colour as close as I could to realistic - brushes, airbrushing, etc etc.  A lot of it was intuition, and I'm sure there's special vocabulary to describe some of the techniques, but as I'm self taught I never really garnered the lingo from the art world, so it's difficult for me to put it into words.  I did a lot of "dabbing" with a dry'ish brush to get the liver spots on, paintbrush "flicking" to add freckling.  Multiple layers of various colours to give the skin depths.  I added veins to the sculpt and highlighted them via paintrbush with blue-green, and skin tone painted over to make them appear beneath the skin.  Oh, and his eyebrows are real human hair (don't ask me how I got it! :P ).  The cloak I made myself, using an old hoodie that I chopped up and stitched on a gold fabric I found at a local fabric shop.  The shirt is a regular V-neck I mangled and stitched on there as well.  
    Honoured to participate in this!  Thanks for having such a competition for us!  It's great for us fellas just starting out. 


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    Nicolas Brown's work is not only stunning, highly detailed, and awe inspiring, but the three pieces submitted, really seem to capture each character in a light and style unique to each piece. I find it amazing this artist is self taught and more skilled than some classically trained artists in the movie industry today, in my humble opinion. Bravo sir, good luck! 
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    I think this sculpture is amazing, the attention for even the smallest details makes it look like a real person. It`s incredible that this guy has only been sculpting from a year, great job!!!! 
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    Amazing work. Extraordinary detail and true character feel. Well done.
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    Nicholas Brown is indeed a very talented artist -- I watch him on Twitch. He cares about detail and dedicates many hours/days into his sculpts, with the few tools he has. I've seen him work on Thanos, Groot, and Venom. He also has a great personality and greets everyone he sees while streaming. An awesome mayne, he be.
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    You know, this sculpt brings me fear, but not in the typical manner in which a sculpture should. Somehow, someway, Snoke looks exactly like my great uncle Paul and the thought of hearing another story from the WWII era just strikes dread into my soul.
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    Beyond my attempts in humor made in the last post, I seriously compliment Nicholas for his work on what I think is his most polished piece to date. 

    The efforts that he made in recreating Snoke were not in vain because this legitimately looks like something that only a professional could make. The eyebrows made from actual hair fibers, the age spots all over his scalp with matching moles right above the brows, the wrinkles of his eyes, the dental plaque, and the outfit are complete representations of the character. 

    The work speaks for itself, it's absolutely excellent.
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    Love it!
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