Pebble Monster. contest entry 3

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Hello everyone :)

Here is my final entry in the Monster Making Contest.

The Pebble Monster.

Originating from a description of a mythical Scottish Bogle. I was inspired by the wild and rocky beaches in the scottish highlands, and I began to imagine a creature that had managed to live a hidden existence in the wild and magical places of the world.

Small and perfectly camouflaged, these creatures close their eyes and roll up tight, becoming completely indistinguishable from a small pebble, some say that when you gaze out over a stony beach at least 3% of what you are seeing are in fact pebble monsters, looking back and plotting their attack.

In small numbers pebble monsters pose little treat to humans.
The most common injury is a small bite which is often disregarded as stepping on a sharp rock or piece of glass, but in larger numbers they can swarm an unsuspecting hiker who has sat down to enjoy the view, or manipulate the very landscape around them to cause avalanches of stones to fall on victims which they then pick apart at their leisure.

So keep an eye out people, and of you think that stone just moved, or you hear the sound of pebbles moving beside you on the beach... you may be in grave danger.

The is a very tiny sculpture, as you can see from the coin comparison he's only an inch or so tall.
Created from Epoxy Clay and painted in acrylics, using lots of dry brushing, spattering and washes to give a stony feel, with a nice gooey amount of two part epoxy to give the eyes and mouth a bit more life.
The way I understand the rules of this contest is that each entry should be a single monster as opposed to a species of monster, so I would like to enter the one above, but I make LOTS of these guys, and I have included some pictures of them all together which really gives you a sense of these little critters and their character. 


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