Wúming - creature ball jointed doll (entry 1)

hi all - i'm a bit nervous about this as i don't post in a lot of places, but when i saw this contest pop up on facebook i knew i had to enter it. i'm a doll maker (specifically asian style ball jointed dolls) and creatures are my favorite things to make. i'm also learning on my own how to do stop-motion with them. i also use them as models for my photography (which can be seen on my instagram, artbyd2) 

this first one is wúming, an undead creature loosely inspired by the vampire from the chinese movie 'rigor mortis'. 
he's also the model of my first attempt at stop-motion: https://youtu.be/ACT9ZEVJdMU

(first two pictures are from before he was painted - i love the look of the all white dolls ^^;;;;; ) 

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