Party Monster! 1st entry

Hi! I'm from Studio Les 4 Colocs, in Québec, Canada. We did a short movie for a 2 minutes horror movie challenge. We decided to do a plastic bag monster in three days with a tiny budget. Here is what we came with! We used a lot of different techniques and had a lot of fun making it! The movie is full of blood, slime and confetti! The eyes are made from hand painted ping pong balls, mounted on wire springs and coated in shrink wrap garbage bags.

We did clear plastic tentacles that we manipulated with cords while blowing air in them. 

The mouth was done with plastic too, we filled it with yellow dish soap and confetti for a more festive monster. Teeth were made by gluing acrylic nails and painting them and we added lots of latex strings for the tongue. The body was made from a plastic tarp painted with colored latex. 

With fake blood and some slime, our party monster was ready!

The result was a hit and has been submitted to festivals. We can't post the whole movie yet, but here is a short video of the monster moving:


Hope you'll enjoy it! We are working on a much bigger monster movie and will keep using this site as a resource for the project!

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