Alcove: Toto: Entry #1

We are told that Dorothy is an orphan. The why and or how Dorothy became an orphan was never explained.

Consider the possibility that Oz in all of its fantastic entirety is the positive symptom of a psychotic mind.

Toto, Dorothy's stuffed toy, is always by her side. We do not know the connection, but it is disconcertingly clear she would not be caught dead without him. When you love something so much it can take on a life of its own. Perhaps this is an explanation for what has occurred. If you ask Dorothy, she will tell you Toto is real. He talks to her. He told her to do it...

Dorothy and Toto. Forever and always.

Each Toto and his accessories are individually handmade. He does not have an armature. He has an inner lining and is stuffed with lentils and weighs about 1.2 lbs. He is 11″-ish tall or 8″ -ish while sitting. 

His knife: I sculpt in clay then mold, cast in resin, and hand paint. The knife and his hands have neodymium magnets in them, so he can hang on to the knife, close his hands together, etc.

Collar and locket:  The locket on his collar is hand inscribed with a T and, of course, has a photo of his beloved Dorothy in it.

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