Animated Witch Doctor

Here's the newest character to be added to my Halloween display.  He uses my Picaxe, stand alone, 3 axis skull controller to run the stereo audio, head and synced jaw movements and a Propeller Activity board to record and playback the routine for the 8 body servos.


  • very nice
  • Awesome work! Looks pretty amazing! :smile: 
  • Cool, the scenery really pulls it together.
  • Thank you!
    He was featured on the cover of the October issue of Servo magazine and there is an article detailing the build.
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    Congratulations on being featured on the cover of Servo magazine!  I love that mag.

  • If anyone is interested, here's a link to the video showing the 3 axis controller with the jaw/audio circuit that I designed for my talking heads -

  • Great video Steve!

    I really dig the user-definable servo limit setting workflow and setup process you have on those boards, very well done!

    I hope to make it out to one of the CalHaunts meetings here in LA eventually. I've run into folks from that group at ScareLA and the West Coast Haunters Convention and the meetings sound like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for sharing the video, very inspiring!

  • Chris, if you're interested in making a meeting, let me know.  I try to make the trip up from San Diego as often as possible.
  • I sent out a request to join the group last week, and should be getting an invitation to the meeting on Feb 14th.  Looking forward to it!

  • Chris, that's great!  I'll be at the meeting and it will be nice to chat.  We're building an air cannon for the monthly project.
  • Ah nice!

    I could bring my air mortar (a form of air cannon used in effects) if anyone is interested in seeing that.  This one has been used for explosions (shooting fullers earth & foam chunks), gore (shooting blood and guts) and fireballs (shooting kerosine)   That's me in the photo making an actress red.

  • I know I'd like to see that!
  • I'm working on my next animated character using the same setup I used on the witch doctor.  Here's the preliminary programming with some detail shots -

  • Very nice!  I like your waldo setup for recording movement.

    How are you liking the ActoBotics parts?  I just placed a huge ActoBotics order last week that should get here in a few days.  Using them in one of my animatronics projects.

  • Thanks Chris.
    I really like the Actobotics parts.  Lots of different design possibilities and easy to assemble.  It's like an Erector set for adults!
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