Legends of South America - Monster Making Contest

Hello everyone o/. I apologyze if don't make this post in the right place, I'm new on this forum. Imade this creatures for Monster Making Contest, though that i've missed the deadline, but lucklly still in time!  
This 3 entries are based on some folkloreof my country. I really love to receive feedback, of course all the opinions are important, but i like this especially if you are a concept artist or working on industry for real, my intentions here is to learn everything it's possible.I have other jobs on http://www.artstation.com/igorkirdeika, check it out if you like, same thing here, if you could let me know what you thing/like and why, I would be greatfull. Thank you so much for the oportunity and i must say that i love this school and their jobs that keep inspiring us every day! Best Wishes!

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    I love them. I'm from Chile and I also like to base my sculptures on myths from my country, so it makes me happy people in other countries do de same
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    Thanks Diego, It's cool... I Think that its a vast variety of legends and myths very large over the antire world to be explored. This legends, despite less know, are very frightening and amazing! Good luck pal!  
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