FGR 95 for latex masks

  I have been doing a lot of side jobs doing large scale bronze figure molding. I have been using FGR 95 hydrocal reinforced with fiberglass and have been impressed with the lightness and strength of the final molds.(they are mother molds for urethane) The FGR 95 is also mixed with a 3:1 ratio of water/VF-812 polymer to give extra plasticity.
  My question is, has any one used this product to make lighter weight pull-over latex mask molds? Of ours with a splash coat followed by the fiberglass reinforcement. Probably no polymer, as it may interfere with water absorption from the latex.
  Nerd question, needs a nerd answer.


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    Straight hydrocal or ultracal works great for making latex masks.  Here's a latex casting method used by Casey Love on ultracal molds.
    1. Wet inside of mold with spray bottle of water
    2. Pour out water
    3. Let air dry until barely damp
    4. Pour in latex and let sit for a couple minutes
    5. Pour out latex
    6. Use spray bottle with water on back of latex to pop small bubbles
    7. Pour out into waste container
    8. Pour new latex in
    9. Let sit for 3-4 hours
    10. Pour out latex
    11. Let fully dry
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