Pavor Nocturnus

I promised my son that if he ever got his book published I would create a monster mask for him.
Pavor Nocturnus (Night Terrors) is the name of his 1st Book. Check it out. http://trevor79.blogspot.com
So I used monster clay for the sculpt. Made the mold and rubber mask It’s still a work in process.
I havent done any art work since highschool Im 65 now. Amazing what one can learn from on line video classes.
Bill Whittemore 


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    How do i post this in the contest?

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    Superb work Bill.
    Your work is on the posted list of contest entries so its in the contest.
    By clicking on the New Discussion button near the top left of the page you can add more entries. 3 is the max. All in by next Friday. 
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