The Demon Slug. Contest entry 1

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Hi everyone!
this is my first entry in the Monster Making contest. I call him The Demon Slug.

It all started when I had a rather horrific dream... about this small creature that ate my cat and made itself at home in the cat basket.
He just sat there quietly looking out at the world, making low gurgling sounds and savagely biting anything that got close enough.
I couldn't remember how the story ended but I did remember what he looked like...
So of course I sculpted him.

I started by using the now discontinued 123d sculpt app on the iPad to sketch out the creature. Its a very simple digital sculpting app that I find very intuitive to work with, and I often use it to quickly create a model that I can then refer to when I'm sculpting in clay. here is a video of the sculpting process and you can see me refer to my iPad at some points.

I then moved on to the final sculpture, using some pretty cheap and cheerful air drying clay for the body and epoxy clay for the teeth.
I used acrylic paints in a combination of hand painting and airbrushing to get the veiny fleshy look, and he was finished!

I hope you like him, but don't get too close. He WILL take your hand off.

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  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    That's really good
  • chrischris ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    thank you @Lee Pearson I'm so glad you like him :)
  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    It's new and original,, I think it's mega gory, good luck, I want..(we'll try be) and creature designer for movies.
  • chrischris ✭✭
    thanks again @Lee Pearson :) your work is great! you obviously have a lot of talent and passion so I'm sure its just a matter of time. best of luck in the contest!

  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    You too mate, for all of us ,, drawing monsters is all I am good at, working on an indie dinosaur game at the moment..just chilling out, what I do is designed it on zbrush /Photoshop and click on my Nokia phone, then put on the comp, I was an art 13 years, was never happy what I was doing,  realised all like drawing is gory, bloodthirsty monsters.

    Best of luck to you mate lee.
  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    What I like about yours is , look dangerous and real..whay I liked about your demon slug lee.
  • chrischris ✭✭
    :) thanks
  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    Good on the comp it's all over now, I,be over 1k views, but there is only 1 winner, at the moment, I can do my own monsters in my zbrush Photoshop.
    All my indie video game work is done for me .
    Good luck for your design lee.
  • That's a good slug, I like that slug~

    I really appreciate the work that you did with the veins and his skin in general. It looks like it would gelatinous yet fleshy to the touch. Just gross!
  • That slug is really good
  • chrischris ✭✭
     @Eric Henley thanks for the feedback 😀 It's great to hear what you think! 
    Thanks again @Lee Pearson
  • You too mate, if I don't win ,then I,LL just do zbrush Photoshop monsters for fun/hobby lee.
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