Shin Godzilla (Toho's Early Concept Design) Bust Sculpt

        Hi, I'm Marc

         I'm a 17 yr old amateur artist and I made this guy a few weeks ago within the span of a few weekends. This is my latest Sculpture, which I am very proud and happy with how it came out. Sculpted with Original Super Sculpy (a lot harder to sculpt with than with beige sculpy but cheaper) it stand at a little over 9 inches. Painted with Acrylic paints and gloss coat in the mouth. 

The stand is an unused leg of my PVC shelf with "Shin Godzilla" written in Japanese text

I initially intended on leaving this guy with one permanent tongue but thought that it'd be interesting to have some alternate tongues.  

(drawings of an early concept of Godzilla which this sculpture was based off, from a page of "Art of Shin Godzilla")

Its hard not to be excited at the thought of pursuing sculpting as a stable financial career and while I do want to do so. I think ill just keep it as a nice hobby to do on weekends.

Good luck to everyone else whom entered this contest as well and i hoped you liked my entry
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