Halo 2 Anniversary Brute Costume

Description of the Character:
The Brute (aka Jiralhanae) is "a large, bipedal, giant ape-like species from [planet] Dosiac" from the Halo Universe. In most media, they are seen as 9' tall, hairy, with hide like a rhino. They are a terrifying meat-eating alien species that will threaten to eat certain characters and the player throughout gameplay in the Halo games and other media.

How this costume was made: This costume was made to-scale!
This costume was made by myself and Gabe Schulz. We started with platform stilts made of wood and a urecoat casted footprint that was hand sculpted with polymer clay.
The bulk of the body is made from upholstery foam coated in latex.
The head of the Brute was sculpted with oil based clay and cast in SmoothOn product FlexFoamIt. The hair on the head was hand-laid using artificial hair extensions.
The rest of the body was also covered by these hair extentions.
The teeth are oven bake clay that were painted and coated in clear nail polish for their shine.
The eyes are repainted styrofoam Halloween eyeballs.
The leather strapping is made with EVA foam, pleather, resin cast pieces, and tubing to make the large rings on the belt. All stitching was done by hand.
The iconic Brute Gravity Hammer is made from PVC, wood, pink insulation foam, and EVA foam.

In total, the Brute took an accumulated 2500 man hours over the course of six months by two people.

You can see the YouTube playlist of the costumes production here:

You can also see picture progress from start to finish here:


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    Boom! there goes the contest up to Level 11! Seriously fantastic work. 
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