Some of my Makeups

Just wanted to post some of my makeups I've done, and get some opinions from all of you guys.  So please tell me what you guys and girls think. The first is a burn that is a mix of a gelatin appliances and latex buildup, then painted with RMGP.  The second is a smiley makeup inspired by jeff the killer and the joker.  The third and fourth are transfer appliances used in various positions.  The fifth is a makeup of the beast for beauty and the beast that was for a high school play.  Which I had to adjust since the actor didn't want to shave his mustache so I had to cut of the lip of the appliance.  The Sixth is just a bruise done with a mix of RMGP and Skin Illustrator.  The Final one was my Halloween costume from last year, which the mask was a foam fabrication over a fiberglass shell. Thanks.


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    Some great makeups here!  On the burn I would try dusting some charcoal powder or a flat black makeup around the edges for the charred skin, and then brush in some KY on the lighter colored portions at the center of the burn to make them look a bit wet.  The texture you built up is really nice.
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    Thanks very much chris
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    I have never done make up, but I am interested.

    You have created some really great make ups.

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    Thank you Jared Lee! Definitely start and experiment. My first makeups were classic jack pierce monster makeups like the wolfman and Frankenstein's monster. Those were done using cotton, latex, and acrylic paints. And as you can see I came along way, so all I can say is research, experiment, and try, try, try.
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